Thursday, June 7, 2012

I Need A Vacation

Restoration is still in the process at my Moms. We are waiting on the FEMA Adjuster to show up tomorrow to let us know what they will cover. I really hope they will cover the work that the restoration company has already done or my Mom will freak out. She can't handle stress now that she has Parkinsons and any type of situation makes her cry. It's really sad but it's the reality of Parkinsons. I forgot to mention that we have a new member of our family. A Boston Terrier. We named him Boomer. I know, really original for Sooner fans. He was dumped by a horrible man right outside of our house. My husband was sitting in the office working and watched the man do it, then the dog run after the truck all the way down the street. My hubby was horrified and brought the dog into our house and he's been a member of the family ever since. After I posted a picture of him on Facebook, a 7th grader in my sons school actually told my son that it was her dog but we could have it. Her Dad didn't like him so he dumped him. WHO DOES THAT????!!!! The vet said he's around 5 years old and he's so sweet and perfectly trained. That's the strange part. We haven't had to teach him anything. He already knows it. I'm just glad he found a good home!

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Ioana-Carmen said...

Love it darling! Check my blog and tell me if you wanna follow each other! ;) Kisses from Romania!