Monday, March 30, 2009

Tornadoes, Hail and Wind...Oh My!

As I sat down to write a post, the weatherman broke into programming during Dancing With The Stars and said that our county is under a Tornado Warning....meaning a tornado has been spotted in the town just to the west of us. Scary! Luckily, my trusty friend Tom, is also a meteorologist and I called him wondering if we are danger. He told me we will have high winds and hail but no tornado. It's going north of our town. Whew! If you grew up in the South or the Midwest, you know the excitement in the air when the weather gets bad. It always made me so excited when I was a kid to go outside and look at the lightning and listen for thunder. Granted, I don't think that's what you're supposed to do during bad weather. You should really take cover, but I go straight outside. If its late at night, I just go to bed so I can listen to the rain hitting the window. Nothing makes me sleep better than a good rainstorm.

I have a strange fear/fascination with storms. The clouds are amazing! I downloaded the pictures I took of a rainbow in storm clouds a couple of days ago. You can't see the rainbow, unfortunately, but the clouds still look ominous.

I'm ready for a week of sunny, cheerful weather. The perfect 75 degree, just a slight breeze kind of weather. That would be a welcome change from this strange stormy stuff.

It needs to be nice outside so my Mom and I can go shopping for a dress for my nephews wedding at the end of May. She needs to pick a good Grandmother of the groom dress. I think she might want a longer dress in a champagne color or taupe. It should be fun! I love looking at wedding attire. I'm still trying to figure out if I can take off for 3 or 4 days to drive to Athens, Georgia for the wedding. It's Memorial Day weekend so the plane tickets might be expensive. And, the problem is...Mr. H and I are going with his parents to North Carolina in early May for his graduation from Gardner-Webb University. He's receiving his long awaited Master's Degree in Accountancy. He's worked for two long years on his degree and I couldn't be prouder. But, I can't take off of work twice in one month. In this economy, I don't want to push it and ask for too many days off. They might think I don't take my job seriously. HA! I do, trust me. But, I hate to miss my nephew's wedding. That will kill me! What to do...what to do!?? At times like this, it would be so easy to be a stay-at-home mom and take the time to go to both events. I have watched how hard Mr. H has worked to get this degree and it means a lot to him. Hence, the reason why I can't miss it. His entire family is flying with us to North Carolina and they've never flown on a plane before. It's a big deal.

Speaking of big deals, the boys did so well in their last soccer game. Both of my boys are on the same soccer team. They moved my youngest up to T-man's team. I was worried that being young and one of the smallest on the team might make H-man a little nervous or intimidated. Well, during the second game, T-man kicked the ball to his brother and H-man scooped in and kicked it into the goal. It was like the dynamic duo! They looked great together. I couldn't believe it. At that moment, all of my fear and trepidation disappeared and I was one of those excited screaming moms. H-man said he could hear me yelling and cheering. He said it sounded like my voice got higher as he got closer to the goal. I guess I get a little carried away. But, I'd rather be a Mom thats into the game than one of the Moms that just sits there with no reaction.

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