Sunday, October 24, 2010

My First Friend

The first friend I can ever remember is Andrea.  My parents were friends with her parents in Stillwater, Oklahoma when we were little toddlers.  Andrea and her family were always so fun to go visit.  They lived on the street behind ours and her mom used to take us to the college pool in town.  I can remember that being a huge deal to me.  It's funny the things you remember when you were 4 or 5 years old. 

I lost touch with Andrea after we moved from Stillwater when I was in Middle School.  I always thought about her and missed her, hoping we could get together someday. 

Life got busy and I went back to Stillwater to go to college. My boyfriend at the time went to Tulsa University and one day he called and told me he knew someone that grew up with me and she was in his dorm room.  Well,  it was Andrea! She had come to visit my boyfriends roommate and saw my picture in his room. She got on the phone and we were screaming we were so excited.  It was like we'd never been apart.  My boyfriend went to TU for another year after that call and I was able to hang out with Andrea quite a few times.  She was so fun and bubbly, she was almost like a kindred soul to me.  I'm not a quiet person.  I like to be happy and laugh all the time and I'm best around people that are crazy just like me.  When I am around Andrea, I see myself in her and I love it. 

I lost touch with Andrea after college and just found her on Facebook about six months ago.  We finally planned a lunch and met at Olive Garden since she only lives about thirty minutes from me and right near the restaurant. 
It was like we had never been apart once again.  It was so fun catching up with her!  She is still the wonderful, joyous person I've always remembered! 
Lifelong friends!

The other exciting thing I did after meeting my friend Andrea for lunch was looking at houses in the Harvest of Homes tour.  The houses were perfect! I would move into every one of them!

Look at this wood floor.  They called it a chipped wood floor.  Very unusual.

My friend Jennifer at the bar in the gameroom in one of the houses.  Fun!

Fun theater room - this would be perfect with teenage boys!

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Bailey said...

Awww...Well I miss Tulsa! =(
You have a cute blog also..I meant to comment a long time ago when I started following you! Sorry! I love the story about meeting your friend..I love "what a small world" kind of story!
Have a great Halloween!