Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rainy Soccer and Beautiful Football Weather

 We spent this morning at a very rainy soccer game.  It started out a little cool and cloudy and then the skies opened up towards the middle of the game.  The opposing team only had five kids show up for the game so the refs let them use a big sister as one of their players-funny!  They had to forfeit the game but we still played since they showed up.  Our team was up by fifteen goals at halftime so they didn't play as hard the second half of the game.  It was fun watching a girl play against the guys.  She didn't let them intimidate her at all! 

 Small Fry was explaining the last play to me! 
We're watching OU play Missouri right now on TV.  We went to the game last weekend against Iowa State.  It was perfect game weather and we had a great time.

Tator Tot must not have liked that play!  But look at the concentration on Mr. H's face!

 I love this pic of Small Fry.  He stands at the railing right in front of our seats and watches the game.  He looks so cute leaning on the railing lost in his own little football world.
 Look at the sky when the game was beginning last week.  It was the most beautiful sky ever!!!

We left the game in the third quarter and I caught Small Fry sneezing!  Guzoontight!
I have to admit OU games are some of the best family activities ever.  I know we are building great family memories for the boys and I'm feel so blessed that we are able to go as a family.

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