Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tulsa State Fair 2010

Every year my father-in-law's birthday falls on one of the first days of the fair.  His only wish is to go to the Harden's Polish Sausage place and eat for his birthday and this year was no exception.  We ventured out to the fair at noon today, hoping the crowds wouldn't be too bad.  Unfortunately, everyone in Oklahoma had the same idea as our family.  We had to take two cars and the parking was horrible.

When we pulled in, luckily, one of the parking attendants lived in our small town, knew my sister-in-law and let us park for free. We thought that was awesome start to the day, saving $10! 

We ate at the famed polish sausage place and then walked around the animal barns for a bit.  Our favorite animals are the Watusi cattle.  They have the coolest horns!  They're actually raised on a ranch near Newton, Kansas where my hubby played college football.  I think that has something to do with his love of them.  Ha!
The normal photo

The crazy people behind me photo

I love dairy cows!

Watusi cow

This momma was growling at me because I was sweet talking her was neat to see how protective she was of her little one.

The boys played paintball and loved it. 

Our nephew won this pig, which was so big we gave it away.  It was so hard to carry!

Cute cousins

Trying to win a stuffed animal for our dog, Allie.

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Beth Ann said...

I love the Tulsa State Fair! I used to go with my great grandpa. Such great memories!