Monday, January 5, 2009

Are you ready for some football?!

If you know my family at all, you know that the most important part of our lives is college football. Specifically, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Alabama and Georgia. We schedule our lives in the Fall months in advance so that everything comes after football. I am an Oklahoma State fan while my honey is a die hard Oklahoma fan. That was the first thing Jim cleared up with me on our first date. He simply told me that there was one thing that was really important in his life and it was Oklahoma Sooner football. He proceeded to tell me that he bought season tickets every year and he didn't want to hear any complaining about it or we wouldn't be able to date.

I knew then that I had met my match. He was so much like my Daddy - a true college football fan. Rain, sleet, snow, he was going to the game. I went with my family to almost every home OSU game as a kid.
Nothing stops Jim from attending as many OU games as possible. Try figuring that scheduling out during soccer season with two little boys. UGH! Not fun.

Needless to say, our favorite family activity is watching football. Either in the stadium or on TV. This bowl season has not been a good one so far for me. My Oklahoma State Cowboys lost and then Alabama lost. So heartbreaking. My brother went to Alabama when Bear Bryant was the coach. He feels the same strong emotions for Alabama that Jim feels for Oklahoma. Our dog is even named Alabama Tide because my family loves Alabama so much.

Tonight we ordered pizza in so we could be ready to watch the Texas v. Ohio State game. We're actually rooting for Texas because, all in all, we LOVE the BIG 12! Here are the boys laying on a pallet with Miss Allie in between. She loves her little boys so much.

Here we are last year at the OU/Texas game - the Sooners kicked some booty that game!

Let's hope the Sooners show everyone this year that they are true National Champions! Go Sam Bradford! Heisman Trophy winner - woo-hoo!

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