Monday, January 26, 2009

Just Another Manic Monday......

We have been hit by the worst ice storm! My normal 40 minute commute resulted in a 2 hour and 20 minute treacherous 5 mile an hour journey. Every bridge and highway had wrecks galore. I'm just so glad that I made it to the daycare and my entire family arrived home safely. Needless to say, there was a lot of praying going on.....the boys and I even said a little prayer out loud we were so worried.

I did have one mishap - when I got to the daycare to pick up the boys...I completely missed the turn. I just slid on down the road. I seriously couldn't stop for 150 yards. All the way down the street. So what did I do? Turn around and go back? Heck no, I called the daycare director ( who's also a good friend) and told her to send the boys down the street to me.They walked on the grass, far away from the street. I did have their safety in mind. They thought it was so funny! I had pulled into a little parking lot to wait for them and they had more fun slipping and sliding. Goofballs!

Speaking of prayers - Little Harper Stamps is doing so well at Saint Francis. I wrote about Kelly's blog -Kellyskornerblog a while back. Her baby was so sick when she was born. She is slowly but surely getting better everyday! I was so worried about her. I'm so happy for Kelly and her family. I know it's been a truly rough week.

One of the wonderful things about today is:

It was "cleaning lady" day!

I know, I'm one of those people. I actually pay someone to clean my house. Well, the way I see it.....I work everyday outside of the house so I deserve to give myself a little treat. My cleaning lady is the best. She rearranges my pictures on my sidetables sometimes just to change things a bit. I love it! When she's done cleaning, she always turns on the living room is the most comforting thing in the world. When I walk into the living room, there is a warm glow. So inviting. I just read on The Nester's ( blog about making a room more friendly and inviting and one of her tips had to do with lamps. Great minds think alike!

4. Turn off the Overhead Light: Want to look 10 years older? Stand under an overhead light--especially the kind from the ceiling fan with 4 different naked light bulb bottoms showing--they will surely highlight every crevice on your face. Soften up the room with lamps. And TURN the lamps on! Most family rooms can hold three lamps placed around the room.

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