Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I owe how much?

My little H man came home today from school with a ton of notes in his backpack. Apparently they have saved all paperwork throughout the semester and decided to send it home the first couple of days back after Christmas break. While weeding through his notes, I came across an official looking letter from the Principal at the elementary school. Inside it stated that I owed no less than $55.50 for H's lunches. WHAT?!
That's right - I'm going to need to send at least $100 to school with him to even pay for lunches for the rest of January. So much for trying to save money in the new year. I guess I never saw the notes that usually come home saying you are running low on lunch money. My friend Melissa called and I was complaining to her about the lunch money dilemma....and she asked, "Is he eating breakfast there too?" I turned to H and asked him if he ever ate breakfast there. We always feed the boys breakfast at home. Then he pipes up and says, "Well, whenever I'm not full enough, which is about every morning."
I guess he's been eating the equivalent of about $4.00 a day for meals when I thought it was $2.00. No wonder we have such a debit in our account.

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