Tuesday, January 27, 2009


The weather here is so bad. It has done nothing but sleet and snow today. This morning I woke up to lightning and sleet pounding the master bathroom window. It was so loud, I got up and closed the bathroom door. I always think it's so strange when it starts lightning and thundering in the middle of an ice storm. I never remember that as a child. I really get scared sometimes that the whole global warming thing might be true. We never used to get ice storms in Oklahoma like we do. The past couple of years have been horrendous.

I stayed home from work because I just couldn't handle the drive in. Everyone said the sleet on top of the sheet of ice helped but it was still bad. I just can't chance it. I'm too important to my babies. I think the fact that my Dad died in a car wreck on a rainy day in January really freaks me out when the weather gets bad. I just can't handle driving my back wheel car on this slick stuff. Too scary for me! Call me a wimp - I'm not doing it!


Holly said...

I don't like driving in bad weather either, it's scary!

Jen r. said...

I am so over the bad weather too! I don't blame you for not driving! Jen