Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Finger Lickin' Good!

When I worked in the Big City, the most exciting thing about having a job in which I had to drive 40 minutes to work everyday was the fact that I had a group of lunch buddies and we would always try to pick a really good place to eat lunch. One of our favorites was good ol' Cracker Barrel. It seemed as if we were always on a diet so we would forgo the pancakes and try to eat a little healthier. One of our favorite picks for lunch was the Grilled Chicken Tenderloins. They are simply one of the best pieces of grilled chicken you will ever eat!

One day, on a whim, I asked the waitress what they used on the chicken to make it so good. To my surprise, she told me exactly what they did to make it so tender and delicious! Here's the marinade:

Grilled Chicken Tenderloins - Just Like Cracker Barrel4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cut into strips
1 cup Italian dressing
2 tsp lime juice
3 tsp honey

Place chicken in gallon ziplock bag. Combine all other ingredients and pour over. Seal and marinate for at least an hour.

Pour all ingredients into a large skillet and cook over medium heat until liquid evaporates and remaining marinade becomes thick and caramelized.  It's called grilled but you really don't even have to grill it.  The skillet will do just fine!

Another Great Marinade - Dale's Seasoning

I've been using this marinade called Dale's Steak Seasoning for as long as I can remember. It's a black liquid that makes steak, fish, chicken or pork taste so good, you'll hardly ever want to use anything else!  And, I have to love it because it's made in Birmingham, Alabama, where my Momma was born and raised.

It's salty and rich tasting, sort of like an A-1 sauce but so much better! I typically just pour about a 1/2 cup of Dale's in a ziploc bag and let my meat marinade in the bag for about an hour. You won't regret trying this - its so tasty!

Speaking of Alabama, I have to say that in my heart of hearts, I hope this oil spill situation gets straightened out soon.  I love Gulf Shores, Alabama more than any other place on earth.  I've spent a week there every year of my life practically.  It's where I feel calmest, most secure, and happiest.  I think it's the fact that my Momma is one of 12 children and all of them live in the state of Alabama except her.  She's the only one that left to go to Oklahoma.  When we go back to Alabama and stay on the beach, a ton of relatives come down to visit.  We always rent a huge house with a big loft upstairs and all the cousins would stay in the big loft.  It always felt so cozy and exciting with all the cousins, Aunts and Uncles in the house.  My Daddy and Uncle Sandy would always play Gin (a card game) and my Aunts would cook the best food you've ever tasted.  Those ladies could cook up a storm.  Those are some of the best memories I have.  Can you imagine having 6 or 7 women that acted just like your Momma all in one house?  It was so fun and always made me feel so happy.


Amanda said...

I will have to try this Cracker Barrel chicken! We love it! If you like to cook, check out my recipe blog
www.amanda-favorites.blogspot.com. It's always nice to have a fresh list of recipes to choose from!
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Kris said...

Thanks for sharing the chicken recipe! It's definitely one of my favorites at CB. We love Dale's also :)