Wednesday, July 28, 2010

River Monsters and a little boy

Sorry for the Christmas pic but it's a cute one of my little Small Fry the Fisherman
So, lately Small Fry and I have been watching River Monsters everytime it comes on TV. Small Fry loves to fish. He loves everything about fishing.
Small Fry's favorite show

He decided yesterday that he was going to write Jeremy Wade, the host of River Monsters on Animal Planet. He sat down and composed a super cute letter and drew him the most beautiful fish. He wanted Mr. Wade to know that I said it was ok for him to go fishing in the Amazon someday. Small Fry even included my phone number. I let him do it, hoping that somehow, someway, someone from Animal Planet would call him. Who knows - it just might happen!? You have to have faith!


Jenn said...

Love that letter so much!

Thanks for following me! :)

♥Georgie♥ said...

I actually like the show river monsters too......I think that is so uber sweet of a letter! I so HOPE animal planet calls him!!! how cool would that be!

Janice said...

Oh that letter is so cute... I love it! I came across you page from Jenna's. Look forward to following your blog!