Monday, July 5, 2010

Soccer camp

The boys went to soccer camp at the local university recently and loved it.  They talked about it all week long.  They even practiced every night when they got home.  So cute!
Tater Tot and his friend Pickle.  Everyone calls him that on our soccer team, cause his name's Dylan. Get it... Dill....Pickle. HA!

Some of the TU football players working out before the soccer kids came onto the field.  I had the pleasure of watching one of them puke his brains out right in front of me when they got to my end of the football field.  Yuck!

You can see Small Fry with his back to me.  I couldn't get close enough to him to get a good shot.

Trying to look cool

They were lucky enough to get to watch the World Cup on the Jumbotron during the camp.  They thought that was pretty cool.

With their buddy Sammy - the soccer team kids

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