Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sizzlin' Saturday

When it's 100 degrees all weekend long....this is what Allie does.

I feel so bad for her because she's a Boxer and she can't stay outside in this kind of heat.  I know she wants to go out and lay in the sun getting a suntan but it only damages her skin since she's a white Boxer.  And I don't think she likes to be doused in sunscreen. Ha!

Seriously, this heat is getting really hard to deal with during the day.  I took a walk this morning and had a definite glow going on when I returned home after just one time around the neighborhood. It's just too warm.  I even had a slight sunburn on my shoulders just from the 30 minutes spent on my walk. I know in the middle of January when I feel the winter blahs, I'll think of how awesome it was to feel the warm sun on my skin.  But, right now, it's stifling!

We're actually having a lazy weekend because the boys are with their Daddy this weekend.  I always feel like somethings wrong or somethings missing when the boys aren't around to make the house lively. Even after 8 years of being divorced, its the same empty feeling.

 I usually try to clean up their rooms and get rid of any old toys while they're gone.  Tomorrow I'm going through their clothes and taking inventory of what clothes fit for the new school year.  As of tomorrow, we only have 12 days left of summer.  I'm so glad I've been able to be at home with them.  We've had a good time, swimming and just hanging out. 

Next weekend is tax-free weekend in Oklahoma so that's the best time to hit the mall for all of the boys new t-shirts and jeans.  I might try to wait to buy my 11year olds jeans until right when he needs them. At 11, he's already 5 foot tall.  And, it doesn't get chilly here in NE Oklahoma until about the middle of October.  Usually around Halloween we have our first really chilly night.  But I do have to admit, I love new clothes shopping and I'm completely addicted to office and school supplies.  I know that makes me a complete nerd but I love pens, paper, markers, etc.  Just drop me off at an Office Depot and I'm in heaven! HA!  We've had our school supply shopping done since last week.  I couldn't wait!  Have you seen the new super cute notebooks they sell at Office Depot?  

                                    And the paper clips and paper clamps in zebra patterns??!!

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