Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The "Free" Swimming Pool

In May, the boys Grandma (my ex-mother-in-law who I get along with really well) asked us if we wanted the little swimming pool she had at her house.  She said it was super easy to put up so we agreed to take it.  When Mr. H said we'd take it, she told him to go ahead and come in a truck and bring someone with him.  I didn't understand how big it was at the time. 

Well, four weeks later and four times of doing this.......the pool didn't seem so fun anymore!
Draining the pool after putting it up

See how unlevel the pool is....this is not the right way to have your pool standing
Neighbors kept texting us to tell us that our backyard was flooding into the street.  We had to admit that we put our pool up on unlevel ground, again.
Mr. H and his Dad had to laugh about the four times putting it up.
Me with zero makeup on and sick of watching the pool drain AGAIN

It didn't help that it looked like this everyday for 3 weeks.  It made the yard nasty and muddy. 
It's now the middle of July and we finally have the pool up.  I actually spent an hour on my little raft sunbathing yesterday.  Awwwww!

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