Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

This past weekend Mr. H and I traveled to Woodward, Oklahoma in far western Oklahoma for a York Rite meeting.  We live in Northeastern Oklahoma so I wasn't sure what to expect when we ventured out to western Oklahoma. Woodward is a four hour drive and I didn't want Mr. H to have to drive by himself the whole way.  I did remember that theres a town with my name, Gage, right near Woodward.  Mr. H and I decided that we had to go to Gage, looked it up and it was only 14 miles from where we were staying.  We decided we would find any and every sign with my name on it and take a picture.   Gage was a very small town but had some of the neatest signs.  I think the population must be 200 people.  It was actually one of the smallest towns I've ever been in besides Avant, Oklahoma.  And if you've been to Avant, it's a complete ghost town!

This is what they called the Gage Beach and it wasn't any bigger than a large pond.  I guess people swim there.  It was a 100 degrees when we were there and it was empty. 

A wind farm near Gage.  Western Oklahoma is flat prairie land so it's a great place for wind farms.

Buttes in western Oklahoma.  Western Oklahoma is one of the places filled with oil so you see an oil well everywhere you look.

I actually just stayed in our hotel room while Mr. H went to his meeting. It was nice just being able to relax and watch TV.  I found the movie Marley & Me and watched it. One word of not watch Marley & Me when you are 4 hours from your beloved puppies.  I actually sobbed out loud at the ending. 

When we got home, the boys came home from their Dad's house with swimmer's ear.  We met their Dad and immediately took them to the Urgent Care.  Poor guys.  Their ears were killing them. Now we can't swim in the pool for another week.  And it's 100 degrees here! Arrggghhh!

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Amy and Luke said...

ha...not sure if I've missed something b/c I'm new but doesn't seem like you call your kids by name. However, wonder why you liked the sign/town of Gage so much;) That's my little boy's name! I love it, gotta go to OK someday!