Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I'm an Oklahoman and Tornadoes Terrify Me!

I have to admit that the last couple of months have only served to heighten my fear of storms and tornadoes. 

You would think that being a life-long Oklahoman, I would be used to really stormy weather.  Not so!

Tornadoes are so scary to me. They are unpredictable and make me want to grab my children and hide somewhere.

Luckily, our friends have a saferoom in their garage.

Yesterday was the day that the weather guys had been warning us about for a long time.  They said it was setting up just like the Alabama tornadoes.  We got lucky though and only had winds and dark clouds.   We still went and got my Mom from her house and we all camped out at the house with the saferoom, Thank GOD!

As of last night, there is a 3 year old missing in Piedmont, Oklahoma and I'm praying they find him.  I can't even imagine the horror.  The house he was in is next to a lake and they are combing the lake looking for his body.  The heartbreak his poor family must be going through right now.

Also, Joplin, Missouri is only about 3 hours from us.  I cannot believe the damage there.   One of my husbands best friends just moved from there about 9 months ago.  We called him and he said that he knows a lot of people who have family members missing.  So sad and unimaginable.  Please pray for some peace for the people of Joplin. 

I know we live in tornado alley, but you never believe that kind of devastation can actually happen.

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The Zone said...

I just wandered across your blog and wanted to comment on this posting. I don't blame you a bit for feeling as you do about tornados! My family and I lived in Texas for almost 3.5 years and have since moved back to California. We tease about missing the "Real Weather" that the South has to offer. But these past few weeks have been awful - a nightmare! We noticed that where we were in TX (Houston area) that a lot of people just chose to ignore storm warnings. Although we were not technically in the "Tornado Alley" it was a real change in how we lived our lives. We had a safe zone and kept it stocked with non-perishable food, bottled water, flashlights, radio, etc. Our native neighbors thought we were cute. There were many nights that we spent huddled together as a family "just in case" but I count it as time well spent. My heart aches for those people who have lost their children, loved ones and their homes. I just can't imagnine. So all this rambling to say that this girl in California is hugging her kids today and continuing to pray for all those families in the Midwest.
Love, Heather