Sunday, July 6, 2008

Cooking for two meals

I'm trying hard to figure out how to cook once and use the leftovers again for another meal. The cost of groceries are making it so depressing to go to the store anymore.
We had a huge 4th of July cookout and grilled chicken and pork chops. Well, as I planned, we cooked too much and had a lot of leftover chicken (about 4 breasts) and 4 thin cut porkchops.

While at the store, I tried to think of a way to reuse the chicken without Mr. Hautemama knowing it was leftover food. Mr. H hates in completely despises leftovers. But, I also know that he doesn't pay that much attention to me when I'm cooking. He just leaves me alone to do my masterpieces. So, he would never know that I used chicken from the fridge and not cooked fresh tonight.

My great idea for the leftover chicken and porkchops was fajitas. I bought some Laury's fajita seasoning packets, onions, green peppers, flour tortillas and I was good to go. I just cut up the meat into thin slices, diced some jalapenos (my secret weapon), put it in a skillet with half of the fajita seasoning (too much sodium in the whole packet) and about a 1/4 cup of water to saute. I made some Mexican rice that I had in a box in the pantry, warmed the tortillas and when the meat was sufficiently warmed we were ready to go.

I also cut up one breast of the chicken and cooked a packet of Lipton Chicken Fried Rice and stirred the chicken into the pan with a little of my jalapeno pepper (yum). Great idea for lunches this week. That's also a cause I'm trying to champion. The eat leftovers for lunch and don't go out to eat for lunch cause. I hope I can stick to it.

What ideas do you have for cooking one time and using it for other meals?

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