Saturday, July 5, 2008

Dogs do love the sun

Our dog Allie really loves to lay out in the sun. She's definitely a sun worshipper. The problem is...she's a white boxer and if she's really going to partake in the sun for any amount of time, we have to put sunscreen on her. Not only do we have to slather the kids with sunscreen, now we have to worry about the Diva Allie and her wicked suntanning.

I've never actually seen a dog sunburned but I guess it's a true ailment that can afflict white dogs. But she does love to lay out in the yard right next to the boys when they are playing in their Bonzai pool and slide.

Don't you love summer and watching dogs and cats just enjoying the heat from the sun's rays? It makes me want to just lay down on a towel in the yard and not move. Makes the worries of the world seem so irrelevant.

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