Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Lunch with an old friend

Yesterday I went to lunch with an old friend of mine, Jenny. She brought her little 3 month old baby and he was absolutely adorable. Jenny is at a place in life that is so awesome for her. I couldn't be happier. You see....I've known Jenny since we were in the 8th grade. We would run to Sonic with our friend Lisa and order the exact same thing everyday. We did that forever. It was so much fun and we thought we had so much freedom getting to run off campus to eat lunch at a fast food restaurant. Oddly enough, we went to the same college together but were in different sororities, and I dated her now ex-husband before she did. So we have that in common also. Granted, it did seem kinda funny when I would visit their house and her husband was a guy I dated. That's an odd feeling to say the least.

But, it's so much fun seeing where all of our old friends end up. My favorite thing is looking at MySpace or Facebook at pictures of everyone's kids. I love kid pictures. I guess it just makes me happy for all of my old friends that they have found peace and joy in their lives. Some of my friends from high school have really turned into very successful people, and I don't mean that in the business sense only, I mean it in the family, good person sense.

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