Saturday, February 6, 2010

Birthday Party Fun!

One of our neighbor friends, Chase, had a birthday party today at one of the bowling alleys in the Big City! It just happened to be a bowling alley near where I grew up and attended high school.  It was about 45 minutes from where we live now but I felt like I was back in my stomping grounds.  In high school (before everyone had a cell phone attached to their ear), this was the place to find your friends, especially your boyfriend.  The guys all hung out there playing video games.  They've changed it a ton since I was there forever ago.  T and H were thrilled that it had an indoor go-cart place.  All of the birthday kids rode go-carts after bowling and eating pizza.  It turned out to be a great birthday party and all of the kids had a wonderful time.  We gave Chase a nerf gun so he could join in the kids "nerf" wars in the neighborhood.  Everyone in our area of the neighborhood has a nerf gun and about 12 of them get together to have a war near our empty retention pond in our part of the neighborhood.  Oh - the imaginations of little boys.  You gotta love it!!! 

The only strange thing that happened at the party was the Mom of the one of the neighborhood kids and her drama.  Apparently, she has a "beef" with one of my friends and de-friended me on Facebook because of it.  Well, she followed me in to the bathroom to tell me that she didn't want my friend to know her business and that's why she de-friended me. I told her that was fine, no hard feelings. I was just glad I didn't make her mad about something.  The problem was the tone and attitude she had telling me this little tid bit of information.  First of all, it was snotty. She was very defensive and made me feel like I had done something wrong.  It really offended me.  I graduated high school a long time ago and it felt like I was thrust back into time.  I honestly don't like women who think they're still in high school and have to have drama all the time.  After talking with her in the bathroom, I'm actually glad she de-friended me because I don't have time for drama, especially at my age.  Ugh! That's too tiring to me.

Besides the odd neighbor lady-it was a great day!  When we got done at the bowling alley, we went to the grocery store to join the hundreds of other people preparing for our next big snowstorm. The weathermen are calling for 6 to 8 inches of snow on Monday.  And this is while we still have snow on the ground from the 8 inches we got a week and a half ago.  This will be our third snowstorm this year.  We had a major blizzard Christmas Eve that completely messed up traveling for Christmas.  My Mom even stayed at home on Christmas and she lives 3 miles from us!  In Oklahoma, we aren't prepared for this type of weather, so our electricity always goes out when the ice get on the powerlines.  We like to be prepared so we buy extra cereal, milk, bread, sandwich meat and cheese.  We could live on cereal and sandwiches if we had to.....I would prefer we didn't!

Tomorrow our Aunt Julie and Uncle Mack are coming for a visit in the morning, then it's Superbowl time.  Our friends are having us over for chili and hotdogs and some fun commercial watching.  The commercials are my favorite since I'm not a hugh NFL fan.  Then we get to wait for Snow-opocolypse III!

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