Thursday, February 11, 2010

Growing Up

Last night something happened that really hit me hard.

My 11 year old son asked if he could make a CD for someone.  That someone being his little "girlfriend" Emma.  The girlfriend stuff is starting too early for me.  I know it's completely innocent in the 5th grade but why is he making a gift for another girl and not his Momma!  I actually thought it was cute and sad all at the same time.  There was a time when all he thought about was what he was going to make me for Valentine's Day. I was his best girl.  Guess I have to let him grow up sometime....just not too fast.  He's still so young and sweet.  It was a good idea - I just wish he would make me one too!   He does have more songs on his ITouch than I have on my little Ipod Shuffle. 

Do you see what's wrong with this picture? I have a measly Ipod Shuffle while my 11 year old has an ITouch that he can text message from and load 8 gigs of "stuff" onto.  And... he actually bought the ITouch all by himself.  He saved and saved until he finally had the money to buy it.  It was a good moment of victory for him.

Guess he is growing up.  Buying his own electronic doodads and making CD's for girls.  What's next?!

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♥Georgie♥ said...

LOL...I think we could possibly maybe be related...our children sound very similar...well i dont even have an ipod shuffle
I am so loving your blog!!!