Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wordy Wednesday

It's been an interesting week so far.  We've had one kid, Small Fry, home sick on Monday with a stomach virus.  I had to stay home from work for that one, but actually got a lot of work done around the house during the quiet time when Small Fry was just laying around.

On Tuesday, he went back to school and felt much better.  So good in fact that we decided to stick with our menu plan and make chicken enchiladas.  I had grabbed a large can of Las Palmas red enchilada sauce at Wal-mart on a whim. I'd never used it but decided it looked good enough to try.  I looked up a recipe for chicken enchiladas on the Las Palmas website.  The only addition I made was to mix a can of cream of chicken soup with the enchilada sauce.  I thought it would stretch the sauce and make it just a little thicker. I actually had about a 1/4 of the can left that I didn't use.  The recipe turned out so good!  We will definitely be eating this recipe again.  It's going in the rotation of our favorite meals.  I think next time, I'll serve Rice-a-Roni Spanish rice on the side and maybe some homemade guacamole. - great site for enchiladas

Yummy chicken enchiladas- some without cheese for low-fat version

This morning when the boys got up, guess who thought he should stay home because his brother was sick and got to stay home??? Yes, that would be older brother, AKA, Tater Tot.  You have to love brothers...what do women with 5 or 6 kids do? I have no idea because it's hard enough getting two boys to feel good everyday and go to school.  I always worry when one of them is sick because the other thinks he's sick too.  And usually, on the day they get to stay home, the 3:00 o'clock elixer hits and when all of their buddies are getting off the bus and going out to play after school, they forget they're sick at all.  Of course, I never acted sick to stay home and watch TV all day. Never, not me.

On the diet front, that's the perma-diet that I always seem to be on, we are doing really well.  Mr. Hautemama and I have been trying to watch everything we eat.  We've cut back on portions and stopped all of the mindless snacking.  It seems to be working, Mr. H has lost twenty pounds since Christmas (don't you just hate guys) - HA!  I've lost 16 pounds since the first of December.  For a couple of weeks, I'd been losing and gaining the same 3 pounds but Monday night, I lost 4 pounds overnight.  I have no idea what I did except try to drink a ton of water. 

I did find a great yogurt that I hadn't tried before - Yoplait Lite and Fit.  It's so good and only 60 calories. I had been buying Wal-mart's generic yogurt but it's 120 calories.  The Lite and Fit is half that!

Tonight was leftover night so Mr. H decided we needed to go out to eat.  We went to Mazzio's to have their salad bar.  It's the pizza place in town and it's the best salad bar in town.  That's really not saying much since we live in such a small town, but it's all we've got here.  The boys get tired of Mazzio's but it's cheap and yummy!
(Photos courtesy of google images)
We're spending the rest of the night watching the Olympics.  The boys are excited to see Shaun White snowboard.  I think Tater Tot loves him because he's a red head just like him.  The Flying Tomato - what a cute nickname!

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Melessa said...

Moms of 5 do pretty much the same as moms of 2. Each of my kids has taken turns with some respiratory crud. Last week it was my 5 year-old, today it was the 12 year-old. My 9 year-old son hasn't had it yet, but he sure wishes it was his turn.