Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Things I Love

I'm following Diedre's lead from the blog For Such A Time As This and posting a list of things I love in honor of the month of "Love".

 - hearing my boys yell "Momma" when I walk in the house
 - laying in the middle of my boys watching TV in bed
 - getting a big hug from my handsome Hubby
 - the sunshine (we haven't seen it much lately and I miss it!)

 - snuggling in bed with my white Boxer Allie-her fur feels like a rabbits fur
 - calling my Mom on the phone and she's having a good day
 - seeing pictures of my Daddy (he's been gone 5 years now)
 - working in an office where everyone gets along and has fun
 - the color of my boys beautiful hair
 - flannel pajamas

 - Sonic Diet Coke with strawberries, lime and vanilla

 - White Tea Ginger body lotion from Bath & Body Works

 - my husbands smile (he's on the left-he's with his brother)
 - jersey knit sheets
 - my Chi hair straightener
 - jeans that feel just a little bit loose in the morning when I get dressed
 - Barry Manilow - don't judge - I love, love, love him!
 - the beach at Gulf Shores, Alabama
 - The Real Housewives of any city - but especially New Jersey!!!!!

 - my warm and comfy home
 - finding a perfect decoration for the house

I had to share my favorite decorating find so far.  One Saturday, while shopping, I went into a store called Windsor Market.  It's an adorable collection of designers booths with a ton of decor and handmade items.  The first booth I came to had the picture below.  I looked up and about passed out because the little boys in this painting look exactly like mine.  We even had a cat that looked like the one in the painting.  Luckily, the painting wasn't too terribly expensive because I was taking it home.  The most amazing fact about this little find is that I was looking for a picture that had blue in it to put above our bed.  SCORE!  I love it and smile everytime I see it because it reminds me of my little sweeties!

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