Sunday, April 3, 2011

Allie's Impact

We just got a message on Facebook that one of my best friends parents are now getting a Boxer puppy because of the love and sheer joy that they saw Allie bring to our lives while she was with us. 

That was the most heartwarming thing anyone has said to me since her passing.  The fact that she has made an impact on a family and shown them how awesome it is to have a Boxer is so wonderful.

Allie was and still is one of the greatest things that has ever happened to our family.  She loved her human pack and always wanted to be near us no matter where we were.

The week before she passed away, I had the stomach flu and layed in bed for 4 straight days with Allie.  Now, I'm thankful that we got that time to snuggle and just lay near each other.  Allie brought so much comfort to everyone of us. 

Her favorite thing in the world was to come straight back inside in the mornings after doing her business and run into the bedroom to snuggle with her Daddy in bed.  She was wait by the bedside staring at him until he said, "Well, come on." Then she would jump up, go to my side of the bed and Mr. H was pull up the covers for her to get under and lay down.  Then she'd give him some morning kisses by licking his hand until falling to sleep.  She would lay in bed all morning tucked in until it was time for me to go to work.

I always loved coming over and giving her a few smooches every morning!

I think this might be the last picture taken of her while she was laying next to Small Fry asleep while he watched TV in my bedroom.  She just always wanted to be near her human, especially the boys.

She loved perching on the big chair in the living room where she could watch everyone in the living room.  She always knew where everyone was when she was laying in "her" chair with her favorite blankets.

We hope she's laying on a cloud watching down on us everyday now.

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