Saturday, April 23, 2011

I Stand Corrected!

I recently received the comment below on my post about going to the Drummond Home in Hominy, Oklahoma.  I hate that I got the facts wrong and I wanted everyone to see the corrections that someone in the Drummond family sent me.  I think I know who it might be and if its C. Drummond....he's my friend on Facebook and I adore his posts.  He's the father of one of my high school classmates and he has more insightful comments on FB than I have ever seen.  Every post ends with him saying....Think About It, and I honestly do sit and think about his comment.   I'll have to post a couple on here. I have no idea where he finds them but they are good.  He is a lawyer, heck, he might just come up with them. 

"That sounds like a very nice day out with your family. I would, however, like to correct you on a few things. 1. The Drummond Home was built in 1905-ish. 2. The Drummond Sign is NOT the entrance into 'The Pioneer Womans' house. The entrance to their house is actually unmarked. The house that is 5 miles up the road from the Drummond Sign belongs to another family member. 3. the most important part....the Drummond family is not the largest land owner in Oklahoma. That award goes to the Mormon Church and Ted Turner. I apologize but I just wanted to let you know of the errors. But thank you for visiting my family's ancestors home in Hominy OK."

I do have to say that I did learn a few of these corrections coincidentally when I was in Fairfax, OK visiting Mr. H's family for an early Easter last weekend.  We had passed a ranch that had buffalo on it and we stopped to take a picture. 

I had just been told that Ted Turner is actually one of the largest landowners in Oklahoma.  Apparently, he owns a huge section of land running through middle America or at least that's what I've been told.  I thought that was interesting because if you had asked me who owned a huge ranch in Oklahoma, Ted Turner would not have been my answer.

On a sidenote, I worked at a radio station my last summer of college because I wanted to be a radio DJ.  Well, the Station Manager told me a story about when he was working in Atlanta at a TV station.  He worked with a really strange guy.  The strange guy approached him one day and told him he needed to quit the TV station and start a business with him.  He was going to start his own cable network.  (Remember this was before cable was huge.)  Anyway, he told the strange guy that he would just stay at the TV station.  He thought the guy was crazy and there was no way he would go into business with him.  Well.........later that cable network became CNN and the strange guy was none other than Ted Turner-HA!  That's about how my luck runs!!!

I wanted to also post a picture of an area in Hominy, Oklahoma that is one of the coolest things I've ever seen.  When you drive into Hominy, there is a big hill that looks over the small town of Hominy.  On that hill, an artist sculpted numerous Indians in metal and they are all lined up on the top of the hill looking like a group of Indian scouts on the warpath.  It's simply beautiful and it has been there for at least 10 years now.

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