Sunday, April 24, 2011

Our New Puppy

After the loss of our precious Alabama Tide "Allie", we were devastated and completely beside ourselves with grief. 

Our Beagle Baylee was acting so lonely and her face even turned greyer than it had been. 

We talked for a long time about how it seemed like our house just wasn't a home without our sweet White Boxer in it.  We talked about getting another puppy but knew we wanted one just like Allie, white with a little brown marking.  If you know anything about Boxers, you know that it's not easy to find a white Boxer with a brown marking.  I wanted the brown on the same side as Allie also, the right side. 

When Allie's stomach turned over the vet said it could have been a genetic defect in her family line.  Since we found Allie at a pet store, we had no idea who her parents were and if they were in good physical shape. 

A couple of weeks ago, I was searching on the internet for a white boxer puppy and looked on  I was just enjoying looking at all the adorable Boxer puppies and figured I wouldn't find one within driving distance of our house, but came upon a breeder in southern Oklahoma.  She had just had a litter with two white ones, a female and a male.  We wanted a female so I called and talked to her.  She told me the female was white all over except a brown eyeshadow on her right eye.  The same side that Allie had a brown ear.  The puppy had two parents that were Grand Champions and the breeder sent me pictures and they were beautiful Boxers.

I talked to Mr. H about it and he said to have the breeder send us pictures of the puppy.  When we saw the puppy, we just fell in love.   While no dog will ever replace our one of a kind Allie, we thought this puppy would be one that Allie would have liked.  I honestly believe she would have really liked this puppy.  I just had a good feeling about this.

We made a deposit and arranged to pick up the puppy in Tulsa when the breeder was on her way to a dog show with the puppy's Daddy Jackson. 

Next, we knew we wanted to keep it secret from the boys because it would be a big surprise to see a little puppy come in the house.  That was the hardest secret I have ever had to keep.  I was so excited for them, I wanted to tell them at some point everyday while we waited. 

The biggest decision was what to call the new puppy.  The breeder had named her Maybelline because of her brown eyeshadow but we decided we wanted to call her Alabama Tide "Allie II".  We love the University of Georgia's mascot UGA and the family that breeds the bulldogs just name the next dog UGA V, UGA VI, UGA VII, so we decided to do the same.  My husband wants all of his Allies buried with him in his casket and he isn't kidding either.  He adored that dog and was crushed when she passed away.

We brought a pink ribbon to tie around Allie's neck when we picked her up.

We walked into the house and I had my video camera ready.  I wish I could put the video on this blog but I was excited and yelling for the boys during the entire thing and I don't want their real names on here.

Small Fry's first reaction was to say, Ohhhhh!

Tater Tot said he knew we would buy a puppy! 

The boys were so excited!  They instantly fell in love and wanted to love on her.  They hugged and kissed on her and she was loving it.

Having a new puppy is a lot like having a newborn in the house but we are loving every second of it. 

She has brought a joy back to our house that we thought was lost when our first baby died.

Instantly at home with her Daddy.

Allie II's parents - gorgeous Boxers
Momma and Daddy


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