Monday, March 16, 2009

A dog kind of weekend

This weekend we volunteered to take care of our neighbor's dogs while they worked the Home and Garden Show in Tulsa. They sell safe rooms - look up Jim Giles Safe Rooms if you are ever interested in purchasing one. It's a great company!
Anyway, we took care of Sabl the weinie dog and Stormy the Shitzu (get it....Stormy's Dad sells safe rooms-Ha!). They were so funny. The second they came into the house, they acted like they lived there. I looked in the living room and they were both sitting in the recliner and looking at me like, "Where are you gonna sit?". That started off a pretty good weekend filled with all kinds of dogs, our Beagle Baylee and White Boxer Allie(, the neighbors Sitzu and Dachsund, then Sunday we babysat my brother-in-law's puppy Bella the Boxer. She was so cute. She ran circles around the other dogs, biting them and sniffing their hineys! Dogs are so funny that way!

I got a few errands done that I had been putting off for a while. I ordered about 6 dresses from Target. They were on sale and were super cute, but not for any woman who has any sort of figure. Stick figures would be the only people who would look good in these dresses. I couldn't believe how huge the dresses made my hips look. Yuck! Complete disappointment. So I took them back and got my money back. I'm tired of buying things thinking I'll lose 15 pounds and wear it. We are in a recession. I'm not wasting my money on things that aren't perfectly suited for me anymore. I also took back some sailor pants from JCPenney - yet again, another clothing choice not good for women with any sort of hippage. I was going to swing by the Goodwill store but didn't have time. I want to go check it out. Apparently, some of the other bloggers out there find really great name brand clothing at Goodwill. Anything to save a dollar!

Speaking of saving a dollar, we made homemade pizza instead of ordering delivery. It tasted better than our usual $20 pizza does. I might try to keep pizza dough on hand in the fridge more often. It only cost about $10 to make 2 pepperoni pizzas. Pretty smart homemade alternative!

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