Thursday, March 26, 2009

A little spring planting....and interrogation at Walgreens

I got the bug the other day to plant some new plants in the front flowerbed. Well, I have to be honest, I saw the neighbor out sprucing up their flowerbeds and I felt the competition bug. You know that feeling, when the neighbors start the Spring spruce-up, you get the feeling that you should be doing the exact same thing. So off to buy some plants at Home Depot. Actually I had to take my son to the Urgent Care first because I was getting worried that his cough wasn't allergies but bronchitis, and what do you know. It was bronchitis. It never ends! So, as we were waiting for our prescription at good ol' Walgreens (that takes forever!), we ran into Home Depot.

I found the coolest looking plant. It has green spiky looking things that grow upward and twist. I had no idea what it was. But, guess the name, The Twister Bush! Pretty original, huh? I bought two just to see what they would look like in the corners of the flowerbed.
I also bought some other plants with flowers in the blue and purple family. Our flowerbed in the front is north facing and gets full sun all day so I went with the plants that were marked for the hot summer sunshine. I hope they last this summer. The others I planted last year didn't make it very well.

Oh, and we did get our prescription in under one hour. That might be a Walgreen's miracle for us. We seem to choose the drugstore with the longest lines. I also bought some Sudafed and they had to have my blood type, DNA sample, family medical history, each address I'd lived at in my life and a full writeup of my financial holdings, just for a little box of red tablets that help my allergies. Methheads might be ruining the world. And, they told me I couldn't buy another box until the count was complete in their computer system. What? I explained that sometimes I give my son a Sudafed because he has allergies and the doctor told me to. The pharmacy guy said, well, you just won't be able to buy any more until it is approved in the system. My gosh....what a mess! I'm asking the doctor what I can take that isn't favored by Meth freaks! UGH!

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