Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I love me some Billy Joel & Elton John

Last night was one of the greatest experiences of my life, well, minus having my children, meeting my sweetie, graduating college. But, still pretty close to the top. We went to the BOK Center in Tulsa and saw Elton John and Billy Joel - The Face to Face tour. It was, in a word, AWESOME! We went with our friends Tom and Melissa. Tom was a real gamer as he had hurt his arm this week. He went, even with a serious injury - what a man!

Before the concert, we went to a sports bar and ate dinner. I had the fish and chips, which were so tasty. Horribly bad for my Weight Watchers but really good. I did substitute the fries with sweet potatoe fries. I get points (or no points) for that one. After dinner, we went downtown to an Irish pub called McNellies. It was so crowded you could hardly breathe. I know I'm getting old because I have no interest in being in huge crowds filled with young girls dressed like hookers. That kills me. But, if I had their body, I'd probably dress like that too - HA!

The concert began with both Elton and Billy coming up from under the stage sitting at their pianos. They sang two songs together, then Elton started his set. He sang old favorites mixed with a few I didn't know. But, I'm not a HUGE Elton fan. He was so good though. A true musician. And, he sounded exactly like he does on his album (or CD-whatever). He also had a huge rock in his ear. I wondered if his husband was with him on tour. When Billy Joel came onstage at the beginning, he did a little Irish jig - it was really cute. He also had a green suit on. He did look a little old, made me feel old for about a half a second. He was actually so funny when he would stop and talk to the audience. Elton didn't talk that much, which made Billy seem really witty. He even got up and played the guitar for the songs "We didn't start the fire" and "It's still rock-n-roll to me". His piano even turned around in a circle which allowed me to get some good pictures.

I couldn't believe what a great show it was. It lasted almost 4 hours. We didn't get out until almost 11:30. I took today off so I could rest. We actually slept until noon. It was great to have a day off with nothing to do.

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Julia said...

Ahhh...I'm so jealous! I love love LOVE Billy Joel! And what great seats you had! Looks like it was a great night. And...I don't know if you've ever been to McNellie's before last night, but go for lunch sometime, their food is AWESOME!