Friday, March 20, 2009

So glad it's Friday

This was a really rough work week for some reason. I think because the administrative assistant and I were the only ones in our area, everyone else was busy with work conferences or Spring Break vacations. Having it quiet during the day really makes it stretch out. I did get to take off for the Billy Joel/Elton John concert - maybe that's why I'm so tired.

I'm thinking of ordering the cutest wallet ever. I found it on the Etsy store, Sewgracious -

I love, love love it! You should go look at the Etsy site. So many temptations.

Tonight we ordered Mazzio's Pizza for the second night in a row. And, I wonder why I need to go on a diet! Actually, I didn't order last night, Mr. H ordered last night. I ate a salad.

I need to go to the dreaded "Wal-Marts" tonight and do some grocery shopping. Oh, how I dread the Wal-Marts. It is good people looking though. I just don't understand the parents who drag their babies in there with only a diaper on. Or on the nights when I need to go after the boys are asleep and there are little kids there at 10pm at night. Very odd.

My weekend is going to consist of tasks. Here's the list:

  • Make sure the boy's soccer uniforms are clean and set out for the game tomorrow

  • Organize and clean out the linen closet

  • Finish doing the laundry and put clothes away

  • Make out monthly menu for the rest of March - I've been a slacker lately

  • Type out a master grocery list

  • Detail car inside and out

  • Work on T-man's report on Hawaii

  • Find library book titled Fighting Dinosaurs so I don't have to pay $15 to the school for it

  • Find easter decorations to put out

Here's what I got one year ago tomorrow. I was floored! It was the most beautiful ring I had ever seen!


The Stain Family said...

I have not read this post {but I will!}....I am trying to get my heart rate down because I just read your comment on my blog about you ever so casually RUNNING IN TO GARTH BROOKS AND TRISHA YEARWOOD!!! What?! Oh. my. dear. goodness. {breathe, Robin, breathe}

The Stain Family said...

haha...I'm back. Love the post...esp comments about Wally World. Never heard someone say it's "good people watching", but I couldn't agree more. ;) Tonight at dinner (just hours before I read your comment!) a Garth song was playing and I told my husband if that man ever goes on tour again I would need to be there...could there be a greater gift?? Still can't believe you met him!