Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Instead of watching soccer practice, I blog

I’m pretty tired today since we had huge thunderstorms last night. The wind was blowing so hard through our patio area that it was making a really shrill whistling noise. I think the last time I looked at the clock it was about 1:15 in the morning. The wind has been blowing so hard the past 3 or 4 days, it’s actually hard to drive on the highway. I usually try to be super cautious on the highway, but occasionally I drive with just one hand. I tried doing that this afternoon and almost got blown into the other lane. Scary! I did love yesterday because it was a typical Oklahoma spring afternoon. There was just a feeling in the air that something big was brewing. The storms started out west in the late afternoon, so at least we had time to try to make it to Cub Scouts. And I said “try” because we got to Cub Scouts and of course, our den didn’t show up. My little H-man was supposed to get his wolf badge last night but apparently the meeting had been cancelled and I didn’t know about it. Guess I should have checked our home voicemail before making everyone get ready to go to Cub Scouts. H-man has done so well at Cub Scouts too. He had already done all of the tasks that were required in the wolf book by Christmas or a little after that. Mr. H has worked really hard with him to get all of his tasks done, things like how to read a compass, simple exercises for better health. A lot of little boy stuff. The only thing that just kills me about Cub Scouts is the camping out part. I am not a camper, let me repeat that, I AM NOT A CAMPER. I can think of nothing more boring or harder to tolerate. If it’s not a Holiday Inn Express or better, honey, I’m not going to be able to make it. Mr. H’s brother loves to camp and we live by a huge lake, so when he camps out, we go visit and come home that night. I love my own pillow and bed too much. The thought of not having a hot shower makes my skin crawl!

About 8pm, the storms started rolling in and Tom and Melissa, our friends and neighbors called to let us know that there was golf ball size hail and a possible tornado coming our way. Tom is a meteorologist for the local TV station and wanted to warn us and tell us that we needed to come to their house and get in the safe room if it got bad. That made me panic a little bit. I called my Mom and told her to stay at her house with the golf ball size hail. At least her car would be in a garage over there. Luckily the storm didn’t end up being so severe. But I still couldn’t go to sleep, wondering if we were going to get blown away.

One of my biggest worries was if the satellite would get interrupted while I was watching my favorite shows. Monday night is my night for some good TV watching. I love watching Jon and Kate +8, well, let me correct that, I used to love watching Jon and Kate +8. Now that they’ve become rich and famous, I just don’t think it’s as fun watching the show. They live in a million dollar mansion that was bought solely with money from the TV show. Now, I don’t care that they’ve tried to better themselves, but at what cost to their children. Do their children really enjoy going on all of those trips or does the family have to go to get the plug in for the resort or whatever place it is? And, Kate, please treat Jon with a little more respect. My gosh, is it that hard to be nice on camera to your husband? I can’t stand watching her berate Jon sometimes. I would be ashamed of myself for treating someone I love that way. The other shows I adore are Big People, Little World and 18 and Counting (The Duggars). The Duggars were in town this weekend at a bookstore signing autographs. I wish I had gone to see them. I really admire that family. They are self supporting and really seem like genuine people. The mother never seems to lose her patience or get angry with the children. I wish more mothers could act like that. They really make Kate Gosselin look horrible!

I’m sitting at soccer practice writing this. I actually remembered that my laptop was in the car with me. Why not get some blogging done while I wait. The wind is too strong to sit outside. I know, I’m one of those moms. But, hey, I don’t see any others sitting outside. Both boys are doing so good at soccer. Last weekend, they were both in the game at the same time and T-man passed the ball to his brother and he kicked it in for a goal. They were like the dynamic duo! It was an awesome moment! I was so proud of them!

Today is my nephew Bryan’s birthday. He’s 21. Such a grownup! I can remember when he was born, I was just a bratty teenager-HA! Bryan is in Orlando with his parents because my nephew Brett is at Spring Training with the Braves. He is in their minor league system and was with the Myrtle Beach Pelicans last season. I’m not sure where he will be this upcoming season. I just hope he’s doing good at Spring Training. Bryan and my sister (his momma) went to Disney World today because you get in FREE on your birthday. My kids are gonna be so jealous! I hope he’s having a great birthday – he deserves it!


The Stain Family said...

Sounds like we have the same taste in TV's a bad thing when a storm's a brewing on a Monday night!! Good thing most of the shows repeat later in the night so the I can "divr" them again if need be. Some of our fam lives right down the road from the Duggar's...maybe I can run into them sometime and tell them you're a fan. Be sure and do the same for me next time you see Garth!! haha

Hautemama said...

Tell the Duggars that I think they are the sweetest family. Michelle Duggar makes me feel so unworthy of the title of Mom sometimes - she never seems frazzled or stressed in the least.
I'll tell Garth you said Hello! I just found out that my niece is in honors choir and Garth's daughter is in the same type of honors choir in the next town. I'm so keeping my eyes open for you!