Thursday, August 12, 2010

First Day of School - Middle School!

Today was the first day of school.  Tater Tot is now in the 6th grade, which means Middle School and Small Fry is in the 4th grade.  They were so excited to start school that they had their outfits and school supplies ready yesterday afternoon. 
Tater Tot will be switching classes seven times during the day.  We went to the 6th grade orientation and found all of the classes and let me tell you, they were spread out in that building.  I was surprised how far apart some of them were from each other.  I went to a big school so I thought living in a small town, it would be a little different.  He's taking Humanities classes for his electives, so he's going to have Music Theater and Art.  He's extremely talented in art so he'll like that class.  Next year he gets to take Athletics.  This morning, he had to tell us to just drop him off.  He didn't need us to walk him in this morning.  I'm actually very proud of how independent he's been acting about starting Middle School.  When I was a kid, I would have been so nervous.  He's calm and collected about the whole thing, just ready to see his buddies that he missed over the summer.

Small Fry is moving up in the Intermediate Elementary.  He's now in the 4th grade and no longer the little guy on campus.  Our Intermediate goes from 3rd to 5th grade so one more year and he's one of the big guys around there.  He acted like this was "old hat" and was a little embarrassed that we walked him in.  Ha! We only get another year before he will ban us from the school forever! 

The funniest thing about this first day was our niece, Taylor.  She's an 8th grader which of course, means that she is the oldest in the Middle School.  She called and asked if we would come pick her up so she could help Tator Tot learn what to do when he gets to Middle School.  She said she'd show him how to go put his money on his lunch account and where they "hang out" in the commons area before school starts. I have to admit, it made me feel a little better knowing that she was going to show him the ropes.  He probably thinks having a cousin in the 8th grade helps him not get picked on by the older kids.  She'll protect him!

I'm not sure how I feel today.  I'm sad and happy all at once.  I've spent most of this summer at home with them and it's been so much fun.  I've never been able to just hang out with them and do whatever we wanted during the summer.  And this summer flew by so quickly.  It's also been the hottest summer, which meant the boys hung out in the house during the afternoons.  When the heat index is 114 degrees, we are very thankful for the air conditioner.  I just hope the school air conditioners are working today!

I'm starting the 30 day Shred today.  Staying home with the boys has been bad for my waistline.  I'm hoping to lose some weight so I will look decent in my jeans this winter! HA!

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Michelle said...

My boys will be starting 6th & 4th this year as well, they grow up too fast!!