Thursday, August 5, 2010

Worst Time For a Camera Disaster

Two days ago, Tater Tot and Small Fry came up with the great idea to go outside and take action shots of themselves skateboarding on the driveway.  They wanted to try some cool tricks and be able to post some of the action on Facebook.  I told them they could take my camera but to be very careful. They swore up and down that they wouldn't do anything to it.  They came inside so proud of the shots they had taken.  I noticed they quietly set the camera down and ran into the office to get on the computer.  When I looked at the camera, the lens was still out.  When you turn my camera off, the lens retracts into the camera.  I knew then.....something happened to the camera.  My intuition told me not to let them take it outside but they were so excited.  Oh well, lesson learned.

When I asked the boys about it, they admitted that one time they dropped it in the grass.  They didn't think anything had happened to it.  But, I googled all the tips I could find on Olympus cameras and nothing worked.  Now, in addition to new school clothes, shoes and supplies, I get to try to find a great price on a new camera.  I really have to have one since it's the first days of school, soccer and so many new things are happening in the next few weeks. 

Tater Tot is going into the sixth grade.  Middle school..can you believe it?!  I can't!  He's such a wonderful young man!  So kind and gentle, but also with a ton of self-presence.  I hope sixth grade is a fun time for him! 

Small Fry is going into fourth grade and he's excited to see his friends again.  Last year we had a hard time with his teacher and I'm hoping we get a sweet, caring teacher this year.  I think we deserve it after all the notes last year!

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