Sunday, August 29, 2010

Shopping the House

For a while now, I've been looking for a sideboard, buffet or cabinet to place next to the dining room table in our kitchen eating area/dining room.  When we built our house three years ago, I told the builder that I didn't want a formal dining room because when I had one before we never used it.  It just sat there looking pretty.  I considered it a total waste of space. 

Last week in a small little furniture store in the next town, I found a cabinet I liked but it was close to $800.  I couldn't figure out a way to justify that purchase, especially since I'm not bringing in any income currently.  When I was working, I would have just saved up the money and bought it but remember, I'm married to an accountant, it's hard to rationalize a random large purchase with him. HA!  I still love his little frugal ways though. 

This is the cabinet I really liked.

The cabinet has the same detailing as my table.  It would have been the perfect match.

Instead, I thought about the old antique armoire that I had in our office.  Mr. H has always wanted it out of the office because our office furniture is black and it didn't match but I had no where else to store it.  It was getting flimsy because it was so old and I had moved it a total of eight times after I got divorced and tried to get settled in a house.   I had bought it for $80 at an antique store here in town from a sweet elderly man that owned Forbes Antiques.  He told me that an old woman had owned it from the time she was two years old and when she sold it to him, she was 92.  It is numbered on each wooden piece and put together with wooden pegs.  As much as my tastes have changed over the years, that antique wardrobe has been a mainstay.  It has always matched my dining room table and been in the same room until this move. 

I decided we would try it in the eating area and surprisingly I still love it with the table. 

Don't laugh, I still need to put the door on it

It provides a ton of storage for the big things in the kitchen; wok, dog bowls, big serving pieces, my table runners and placemats.

Besides redoing my dining area, we've been pretty busy this past week. 

The boys started soccer practice on Tuesday. 
Our team stayed together and we picked up some competitive soccer players in town.  Our team moved up to 14 and under, which should be interesting since Tater Tot and his teammates are anywhere from 11 years old to 13 years old.  They're a great team and I think they'll like the challenge. 

Our coach, Jeff, turned his sideyard into a soccer field. So cool!

There are cows behind that white fence.  I posted on Twitter, "You know you live in a small town when you hear cows mooing while watching soccer practice."

I also figured out how to change the look of my Twitter page.  I know....I'm soooo late to the party. 

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