Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Pride and Security Systems

We are still going to football conditioning on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursday mornings.  I think I must say every morning when I'm dragging out of bed that I hate Summer Pride.  It makes me feel like I'm endlessly driving and picking up way too early in the morning!

Tater Tot is loving it though.  He likes the running, but the weight training is the bomb, as he would say.  All of the boys keep trying to out lift each other on the power lifting.  I think Tater Tot started at lifting 50 pounds and now he is lifting 70 pounds.  He's pretty excited about it!  I can see that he's developing a lot of muscles.  He definitely has 6 pack abs!  He's so proud of his muscles, it's amazing how at almost 13 he's really concerned about being in shape and being fit.  I think that's a great thing since my side of the family definitely has the genes to be overweight.  Out of my immediate first cousins, I'm the only one practically that hasn't had gastric bypass surgery.  My Dad was a big man, he was always at least 300 pounds most of my later childhood.  So, it's important to me that my children realize that being fit is a great thing. 

I, on the other hand, struggle daily with my weight.  I just want to get into better shape and have been walking in the evenings.  But, my right knee has had a bad pain in the back left side and I'm scared to go to the doctor.  I'm terrified he'd tell me I need knee surgery.  No thanks!

Another big thing that happened is our new security system.  We've always had an alarm but this new one is like OnStar.  When the alarm goes off, someone comes over the alarm and asks if everything is ok.  I love that for the boys!

We also got my Mom an alarm and a Life Alert.  That's a huge deal to me since she has been falling so much in the past year.  This way, the alarm rep will come over her alarm system and ask her if she's okay and they will either call the fire department or me.  This is a big relief since I spend most of my time worrying about my Mom being on the floor somewhere with no help.

I hope this makes her feel better also.  It gives her a little more freedom, she can actually take the trash out and walk around her house.

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Michelle said...

My family Dad's side of the family struggles with weight issues, I was lucky one out of four siblings to inherit the "chubby" gene.

I love the idea of an actual person talking to me if the alarm goes off, I may have to look into that.