Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Week In My Life - Day 2 (Thursday)

My sinuses were still killing me this morning when I got up at 6:20.  I had to wake Tater Tot up for Summer Pride, his football conditioning program.  When I let the dogs out on the way to T's room, it was pouring outside.  Rainy and thundering...hmmm...I instantly wanted to go back to bed, so guess what I did?!  I went into T's room, told him he didn't have to go to Summer Pride and I went back to bed!!! '

I know that just made me look so lazy but I felt horrible this morning and really needed to sleep.  Mr. H got up and went to work and I'm not even sure I heard him leave.  That's how bad I felt.

It was only Tater Tot and I this morning in the house because Small Fry called his Dad last night late and told him to come get him to spend the night since he would be gone this weekend fishing with Mr. H.  It's nice that my ex and I can be flexible and not fight about things like visitation.  I'm glad the boys feel like they can just pick up the phone and ask their Dad to come get them for a night if they feel the need.

Back to this morning........Are you ready for this????? I woke up at 10:30 and let Tater Tot sleep 'till 11:30.  Hey, just keeping it real.  It's ok to be lazy sometimes!

We got ready, ran to the vet to get our puppy Allie's heartworm medicine and then made a stop by the bank.  While at the bank, we called Small Fry and Tater Tot's Dad to see where he wanted to meet to exchange the boys.  This is the first time the boys have ever separated and not gone together to their Dads house.  *I want to make it clear that they have the same father-I could only handle one ex-husband-ha!*   This coming weekend is their Dad's weekend, but my youngest is going on a fishing trip with Mr. H (His step-dad), the oldest didn't want to go fishing so just chose to go ahead and go with his Dad today.   I usually always encourage Small Fry to like other things besides just the things his older brother likes, so this fishing craze is a good thing.  It's the one thing that Small Fry has liked on his own.  Usually he does everything like his brother, and I mean everything.  I want him to develop his individuality now that he's 10 years old.

We drove to the next town to meet my ex and I said good-bye to Tater Tot while I picked up Small Fry to bring him home.  We were next to the shopping center with my favorite store, Hobby Lobby, so we had to stop in and see what kinds of new stuff they had.  While there, we saw one of Mr. H's Masonic buddies with his granddaughter and we visited for a while.

This afternoon, Small Fry has been out riding his bike with his two buddies that live right by us.  They were out for a couple of hours, then came in and asked if Small Fry could go to one of their Grandma's houses to swim.  I told him he could and after he left, I sat watching TV BY MYSELF.  That NEVER happens!!!!

So guess what else I did when the kids left?  I went outside and swam, layed out on the raft and then dried off by laying out on the chaise lounge.  Heaven, pure heaven!  I actually had time to lay out without being splashed! 

I'm now back inside, watching Food Network and HGTV, my two faves!

I might even fix myself something bad for dinner, like Ramen Noodles.  I know, crazy, huh?!

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