Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Week In My Life - Day 4 (Saturday)

I'm riding solo today and my day started off on a really sleepy note. 

Since Mr. H is gone, I'm the one who had to get up with our 4 month old puppy when she needed to pee this morning.  She woke up at 5:30, then 6:00, then 6:45.  Get the pattern she was working on?  I called Mr. H and asked him why she was getting up so much this morning.  Well, he forgot to mention that when she gets up in the morning, he goes outside and sits with her while she does her business.

I wasn't sitting outside with her. 

See how spoiled this puppy is?

The poor puppy was upset all day, looking in the rooms for the boys and sitting looking out of the front and back windows for Mr. H.  I think she was really thrown off today without the guys around.

Today was deep cleaning day...especially since the boys weren't home.

I cleaned both boys bedrooms, organized their desks, cleaned out the closets and loaded bags full of clothes to donate.  I polished all of the woodwork in the kitchen, all the tables, swept and mopped all the tile, and even vacuumed and steam cleaned all of the carpets.  I was worn out when I finished so I went outside to lay out on the raft in the pool.

After I came in, my sister-in-law called and wanted to go eat and see the movie Bad Teacher.  I was so tired but really wanted to see that movie.  I'm so glad I went because it was hilarious!  Cameron Diaz is so funny and her eyes are gorgeous!  It was a great movie!

I came home and Mr. H called to tell me they were having a great time fishing.  Small Fry was in heaven fishing and shooting bb guns.  I'm so glad they are enjoying themselves!

I'm going to bed and hoping that I don't get an early morning wakeup call from a certain white Boxer puppy!

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Michelle said...

I love a day at home without the hubby and boys, I can always get so much done. We started to see Bad Teacher but saw Horrible Bosses instead.