Friday, July 8, 2011

A Week In My Life - Day 3 (Friday)

Today was spent getting Small Fry ready and packed for his big fishing trip to Grand Lake with Mr. H.  We had bought him a new fishing pole the other day and had been hiding it until today.  He was so surprised!  Tater Tot got an IPhone the other day and I told Small Fry he would get a nice gift too.  He said all he wanted was a $20 fishing pole, which made me very happy. 

This morning, we laid out all of his clothes, fishing gear and Ipods, etc., then got them all neatly packed so Mr. H could come home at noon and put his clothes in the suitcase.

I drove Tater Tot to go meet his Dad since he was going there for the weekend while Small Fry goes fishing.   Tater Tot doesn't like fishing so he didn't want to go with them, which was fine with me since it meant he wouldn't complain about being bored the whole weekend while at the lake.  He's 12 so he will voice his opinion when he's bored.

After packing and driving Tater to meet his Dad, I went outside with Small Fry and swam in the pool for a while.  It was so hot outside and the pool felt great.  We've had the hottest summer so far, in the 100's already!

After everyone left, I went to pick up my Mom and take her grocery shopping in the next town.  My Mom has a hard time walking so I like to take her to smaller grocery stores rather than Super Walmart, which can be very busy and crowded.  Before shopping, we stopped at Captain D's and had some yummy fish.  We love that place and hardly ever go there because it's pretty bad for you.  It's a treat for us!

I'm what you call the "Sandwich Generation", which means I have small children and a parent to take care of everyday.  My Dad died six years ago and ever since then, my Mom's health just hasn't been the same.   She falls a lot and her walking is very unstable so I have to be on hand to take her shopping and run errands with her or for her.  I don't mind, all she has is me and she took care of me for so long.

Tonight after shopping, I've just sat in the recliner, surfing the web and watching HGTV!  Perfect ending to a good day!

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